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Everyone has an idea of what they want to have designed, but don’t know the best print method to create it; so Cater 2U Embroidery is your ANSWER! With over 19 years of experience, we can make your ideas come to life! From unique concepts to custom designed memorabilia; we are ready to Cater 2U!

Which creation process you desire?


It is the use of thread, yarn, or stitches used to create a pattern or design to illustrate a picture. In contrast, monogramming is similar to embroidery, but monogramming is the use of thread to stitch words or letters. Embroidery is the eldest apparel decoration method and dates to the 3rd century BC. It started In China during the Warring States Period since the BC times. From simple patterns to fancy sophisticated layers of stitches that form elaborate designs and patterns. It is an embellishment application that many across the world have craved over the years. Its versatility of usage, limitless application to materials, lifespan after production, and it is unlimited in color choices. Depending on its care, it can last for more than 10 years! Here at Cater 2U Embroidery, we know what it takes to “capture creative memories and ideas” thru this decorative process called “Embroidery”!​


Direct to Film or DTF is a process that transfers prints onto fabric or other substrates using a heat-press device.  Unlike the DTG method, which only works on cotton fabrics, the DTF method can work on cotton and poly blends. It is the perfect printing process for having very colorful images with the ability to print different gradients of color. 

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is a method that is great for low run orders. It is the alternative to screen printing. Though its not screen printing, it does not reduce quality when printed. In comparison to screen printing, vinyl is the printing method that has the smoother touch and a matte finish. It comes in many colors of regular vinyl, glitter vinyl, and foil like reflective vinyl. It is a great choice for orders under 12 pieces. In terms of durability, It has a lifespan of 4 years of constant washing and drying. It works best when washed after minimum of 24hrs after printing. This CAD style method of printing is great for short run orders with 1-2 color designs.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products are some things that is essential for every company! Pens, cups, mugs, imprinted books, wristbands, and the list goes on. They are the right tools to take your company’s name to the right market. When bundled with the right companion product, your brand’s identity stands out! We have thousands of options for you to choose from and the help of a few filters,  we are certain that we have the right product for you! Let us Cater 2U with our promotional products…

After a few steps, your product is in your hands!

Ordering from us is easy and enjoyable! Here are a few reasons why to consider us:

  1. Excellent quality product
  2. Embroidery and imprinting that last with time
  3. Quick turnaround time

Though our turnaround time is fast, we don’t reduce the quality of service received. We service our clients everywhere in the United States and shipping times vary per location. Our standard turnaround time is 8-10 business days, but can be faster depending on the client’s location and required production process. Though time may vary depending on your location, quality within your agreed time-frame is what we can guarantee.

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